Chennai Express Highway connects Malur

Bengaluru-Chennai Expressway (BCE) project, officially known as NE-7, is a 4-lane access-controlled expressway currently under construction. Its route alignment connects Sriperumbudur near Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with Malur – Bengaluru, Karnataka. It is an overarching program for India’s highway industries that aims to maximise the efficiency of freight and passenger transportation across the country. The expressway has four lanes with a budget of Rs 18,000 crore. The Chennai-Bangalore expressway will drastically reduce travel and promote the states’ further development. Bengaluru and Chennai are separated by about 326 kilometers. This distance might be shortened to about 262 kilometres if the new Bengaluru-Chennai Expressway is finished.

Route Map of the Bangalore-Chennai Expressway

The National Highway Authority of India constructed India’s first greenfield expressway, the Bangalore – Chennai Expressway. The Bangalore-Chennai Expressway will cross the Eastern Ghats on its journey from Hoskote in Bangalore to Sriperumbudur in Chennai Tamil Nadu. See the greenfield expressway’s path below.

  • Malur, Karnataka
  • Hoskote, Karnataka
  • V Kota, Andhra Pradesh
  • Palamaner, Andhra Pradesh
  • Gudiyatham, Tamil Nadu
  • Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu
  • Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu
Impact of the Chennai-Bengaluru Expressway on Real Estate

The two prominent real estate markets in India are Bangalore and Chennai. Bangalore has established itself as a center for IT, drawing immigrants from all around the nation. The CBIC is expected to become a major manufacturing base and major automakers including Bajaj, Nissan, and Mahindra plan to build factories there. Residential areas grow next to business buildings, as is typical of such developments, giving the developer community hope for the future of the enhanced real estate. Plots for investment in Bangalore, even while the rates in the areas next to the expressway are generally high, could see a significant increase once the project is finished. 

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Why invest money in real estate on Chennai-Bengaluru Expressway? 

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is one of the cities with the greatest population growth. Bangalore’s strong economic growth is attributed to the emergence and growth of the IT sector in the city. People from all parts of the country began moving to Bangalore in pursuit of employment as a result of the city’s rapid growth. Bangalore becomes a multicultural, urban city as a result of this population boom. In addition, over the Chennai-Bengaluru Expressway, the city’s technological and social infrastructure expanding rapidly. All of this indicates that investing Chennai-Bengaluru real estate has a massive amount of advantages. 

Real estate investing seems like a fantastic idea in general, but Bangalore is a particularly good place for investors for several reasons. With the development of the Chennai-Bengaluru Expressway, Bangalore’s real estate prices have increased dramatically over the past few years, which can be linked to the city’s development. Bangalore might be the greatest Indian city for the best real estate investments, especially given that the city is growing rapidly. Here are a few justifications for why you ought to start investing in Bangalore real estate right away.

  • High Returns On investments
  • Fastest Developing Metro City
  • Tax Benefits
  • Top Educational Institutions
  • Rapid Networking
Features Bangalore-Chennai Expressway
  • The project, which is being overseen by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), can be enlarged to eight lanes and will be peppered with improved traffic safety devices.
  • It is anticipated that the project will improve the Chennai-Bangalore Industrial Corridor (CBIC)
  • It is a Greenfield expressway, so in order to connect the rural areas to the main metropolis, it will travel through unpopulated areas.
  • The highway will have wider lanes of 3.75 metres each rather than the customary 3.50 metres in order to maintain the passengers’ safety as the first priority. The expressway’s paved edge will be 3 Mt broad, making it wider than normal highways.
  • The project would let drivers travel the distance between two cities in just three hours.
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Bottom Line

The Bangalore-Chennai Expressway route connects cities like Hoskote, Malur, V Kota, Palamaner, Gudiyatham, Arakkonam, and Sriperumbudur. Plots in Malur Bangalore are increasing due to the numerous prospects for building better-planned, self-contained townships and posh offices near the new industrial clusters that are anticipated to spring up along the route.

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